Video Installation

02’28’’ Looped


The series, But Is It Art? was created as part of the group exhibition titled Mediocre, held at NockArt Galley in Hong Kong, curated by This Is NOT a Gallery. 

To label an artwork mediocre, there is the assumption that it is, in fact, an artwork to begin with. But who decided to define it as an artwork? And does the "art" label, not already presume a degree of quality? 

To explore what mediocrity means in terms of art, Claase looks at how social and entertainment media plays a role in shaping public perceptions about art. Art? is a video composed from a series of video clips containing ideas about art from films, juxtaposed with cropped selections of hashtag (#)art images collected from Instagram.

The sound pieces, HE Artist Genius and SHE Artist Genius, highlight how language from art documentary films are used to persuade viewers into a biased view about art, based on the psychological technique of framing an artist as a genius. By presenting the viewer with a situation where the content of the sound piece interacts with their viewing experience (within the gallery context) the work aims to raise questions about how opinions are shaped.