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Official Selection for International Shorts Film Festivals

The Short Film PRETTY PASS is part of the Official Selection of International Shorts Film Festival in Australia.

Judging will take place later in the year, and winning films and finalists in each category will be screened at the festival in December. For more about the festival: www.internationalshorts.org

We will keep you posted about the film's progress!

International Shorts_Official Selection.png
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to Jul 22

Group Exhibition: "Alteration"


Michelle Claase's work, "Oh My God, Why Didn't You Just Climb Into Bed With Her and Ask for a Bedtime Story" will be part of the ALTERATION group exhibition at Millepiani Gallery in Rome.

Mostra Collettiva Fotografica / Digital
Presso Millepiani, via N. Odero,13 Roma

Dal 4 al 31 Luglio 2018
OPENING Mercoledì 4 Luglio ore 17:30

Visitabile dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00
Evento curato da LoosenArt

La mostra collettiva "Alteration" presenta autori provenienti da tutto il mondo impegnati nel campo della fotografia e arti visive digitali. La mostra è un escursus sul tema dell' "Alterazione", essa offre una visione del mondo odierno attraverso opere che rappresentano ed interpretano una realtà alterata dalle nuove tecnologie e dai nuovi strumenti di comunicazione, strumenti attraverso i quali l'uomo dell'era digitale percepisce e si relaziona con la realtà.

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8:30 AM08:30

Behind the Scenes: "Pretty Pass" Short Film Production


A goody two-shoes student faces the ultimate test when she finds herself stuck with a roommate from hell.

Pretty Pass is a dark comedy short film produced in association with Bao Bao Films, starring Lymari Alberts, Joyce Chan and Andrew Ng. The film is written, produced and edited by Michelle Claase, directed by Evangelo Costadimas, with cinematography by Etienne Leung.  

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to Jun 3

Group Exhibition: Comm Arts Show 2018


Michelle Claase's video collage, Oh My, will be featured as part of the Comm Arts Show 2018.

The show at chi K11 Art Space exhibits the best communication art pieces from graduation students from majors including: advertising, graphic design, illustration, photography, and sequential art.

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to May 24

Behind the Scenes: "Endless Story" Short Film Production


Two strangers wake up in a hotel room. Neither remember who the other is or how they got there. Or do they?

The production of Endless Story, a short film by BAO BAO FILMS, based on the screenplay by Michel J. Duthin, starring Kristina Pakhomova and Rayve Zen. Directing and cinematography by Evangelo Costadimas, produced by Hana Forrest, with Michelle Claase as editor / assistant director. Still photography by Janine Claase and Sarah Thrower.


All images Copyright Bao Bao films © 2018

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to Apr 27

Group Exhibition: "Mediocre."

Mediocre_NockArt Gallery.png

Mediocre is presented by Nock Art Foundation and curated by This is NOT a Gallery.

Opening Reception:
March 28th, 2018

As a collaborative exhibition between the Nock Art Foundation and This is NOT a Gallery, mediocre features works highlighting emerging talent from Hong Kong’s cultural underbelly. Bridging the gap between the Nock Art Foundation’s established audience and the inclusive network of young creatives surrounding This is NOT a Gallery, the show challenges the hierarchical structure of the art and culture scene along with the labels that maintain divisions.

The artists use varying artistic vocabulary to explore the power dynamic associated with labels. The power they represents to us as apposed to the power they bear over us. The show encompasses a broad range of media from painting and photography to audio-visual installation and experimental textile design. Each artist approaches the idea of mediocrity from a unique perspective, offering both deviating interpretations and unifying truths. The work itself, presented in an alternative fashion, encourages the audience to interact with the pieces and consider the implications of the term “mediocre” within the context of art.

Instant gratification has become the norm as a result of modern technology. Our collective attention span has shortened considerably with certain studies suggesting that since the year 2000 the average attention span has dropped to eight seconds. A gold fish, in comparison, has an attention span of nine seconds. In an effort to cater to this shift in our culture, entertainment has conformed to our diminishing standards. The arts are not exempt from this process. Audiences have come to demand fast and easily digestible art, a niche for mediocre art.

By elevating artwork by emerging artists with the resources of the Nock Art Foundation, the myth of mediocrity is challenged. The question of how a shift in focus influences artistic mediums becomes apparent. The exhibition takes aim at the labels we use to define art and methodically breaks them down.

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to Feb 4

Behind the Scenes: "Captivity" Short Film Production


A story about Stockholm Syndrome, told from the perspective of a female victim held captive inside a warehouse building in Hong Kong.

Captivity (2018) is an experimental short film starring Barry O' Rorke, shot entirely from the victim's subjective point of view. 

Produced by BAO BAO FILMS, written by Michelle Claase, directed by Evangelo Costadimas, produced by Dorcas Hor, with cinematography by Michael Rush.


All images Copyright Bao Bao films © 2018

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7:00 PM19:00

Art Event: "Ubuntu 05: Do (NOT) Read Me"

ubuntu 05.jpg

This is NOT a Gallery presents Ubuntu 05:  Do (NOT) Read Me, co-hosted by Michelle Claase and Jeremy Loo.

HINT 05: "Exquisite corpse"

Ubuntu is a night dedicated to art, company and conversation. 
We invite dreamers, sceptics, artists and admirers alike. Art-Users of all forms are welcome to converse and create. We provide a space, ideas and an affordable dose of alcohol. We strive simply to provide a platform for expression.

For more info, contact: thisisnothk@gmail.com

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4:00 PM16:00

Artist Talk and Panel Discussion: "Reflections on Trans.Figuration"


Reflections on trans.figuration Artist Talk, 4-5PM

The four participating artists of t r a n s . f i g u r a t i o n  share their perspectives on transformation and intervention as an essential part of their bodies of work. The talk is moderated by SCAD Fine Arts BFA alumna Sophie Cyzewski.

Participating Artists: Michelle Claase, Dik Luke, Inga Nelli, Sharu Sikdar


Transition Panel Discussion, 5-6PM

Moderated by Vivienne Chow (Critic and Founder of Cultural Journalism Campus) the panel discuss what emerging artists need to establish a career in Hong Kong. 

Panelists: Lauren Every-Wortman (founder of HOCA), John Lui (artist and former Red Gate Residence director), and Andrew Luk (Artist) discuss the landscape of HK art scene and its opportunities for emerging artists. 

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to May 20

Fine Arts Graduates Exhibition: "trans.figuration"


Opening reception Thursday, May 18th from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

The  t r a n s . f i g u r a t i o n  exhibition represents the cumulative point for the work of four fine art graduates as they transition into the art world. The show features Hong Kong based artists Michelle Claase, Dik Luke, Inga Nelli and Sharu Sikdar, who work with a variety of media including painting, mixed media, installation and new media. Through the process of intervention and transformation, the artists reveal the ways in which they interpret the fluctuating waves of life. Although each artist has a distinct approach to artmaking, they all share the common thread of translating their unique perspectives and transient experiences into more tangible, visual forms. The show reflects an intersection of marks, lines and layers, which typifies their evolving artistic identities.

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to Nov 6

Group Exhibition: "Disclosed"

We are pleased to announce Disclosed, a multi-media group exhibition, curated by Michelle Claase, and hosted by Campfire Creative.

The exhibition features work related to language used in both verbal and visual communication. Artist’s deal with themes surrounding language used in both public and private space. Through the artist’s analysis and recontextualization of both written and spoken words, new dialogues and messages are created.

Featuring Artworks By:
Janine Claase
Michelle Claase
Sophie Cyzewski
Pong Tong

Michelle Claase (b.1989, South Africa) is an emerging artist whose recent work deals with text sources which are often disregarded or avoided. The mass amount of information we encounter daily makes it difficult for us to grasp, or to detect authenticity within content. By adjusting the format, and presenting it as art, the work plays on the audience’s expectations and manipulates the viewer into acknowledging information they might usually have chosen to ignore.

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7:00 PM19:00

Group Exhibition: "SEVEN"

XXX Gallery presents Seven, a fine art exhibition curated by Jonathan Yoerger. The exhibition features seven emerging artists, from seven different countries, all based in Hong Kong.

Featured Artists:
Boroka Panna Kopacz
Chan Yin Sing (Adrian)
Francesca Inciong
Inga Nelli
Ingjerd Ytterdal
Michelle Claase
Ni Qian Hui (Trista)

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7:00 PM19:00

Group Exhibition: "RE-FORMAT"

Opening Reception / Thursday, March 17, 2016 7-10PM
Artist Talk / Thursday, March 17, 2016 8PM

We are pleased to announce RE-FORMAT, a group exhibition featuring works by Michelle Claase, Sophie Cyzewski, Jason Kam, Wai Lung Ip, and Yi-Hsin Tzeng. The works exhibited explore each artist's distinctive narratives and experiences in deconstruction and alteration of personal identity within the fluxes of contemporary time and fluid art media. Their works are manifested in alternative painting, magazine paper, digital media, and performances while invoking and challenging the notion of body objectification, value of labor and art, and complex layers of dislocation. Michelle Claase, Sophie Cyzewski, and Jason Kam are current candidates for Painting BFA at SCAD-HK.

Michelle Claase (b.1989, South Africa) has been based in Hong Kong for the past seven years. She often deals with the body as the subject of her work, exploring themes surrounding identity, anonymity, defence mechanisms and entrapment within the human form. Claase's background as a fashion model has contributed to her interest with the body. In her recent work, Claase alters the image of the models from fashion magazines, removing and fragmenting the figures' identities and bodies to transform them like lifeless dolls - mannequins. The figures' disassembled parts are reattached, re-visualized to look like puppets, which evokes the fashion industry's exploitive usage of body images in its branding. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Group Exhibition: "Raw"

RAW, an independently organised group show held at DreamLikeBubbles in Kennedy Town, features new mixed media work by 9 emerging Hong Kong based artists:

Aurore Baron
Michelle Claase
Mandy Kan
Johanna Keim
Tim Lai
Ethan Lo
Marcus Lo
Benny Sin
Inbal Sella
Hanna Yang

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6:00 PM18:00

Artist Talk: SCADtalks 2015

  • Savannah College of Art and Design (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Michelle Claase (B.F.A., painting), Panna Kopacz (B.F.A., interior design), and Corinne Caro (B.F.A., sequential art) will deliver masterful presentations, using various storytelling techniques to discuss their artwork and personal creative goals at SCADtalks 2015.

Michelle's talk addresses the limiting effect of labels, and discusses ways she's been able to counter some of the labels she'd been assigned with.


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